Big Red needs more Oxygen!
. . . building a

Supercharged, Intercooled, Programable EFI & Ignition
Slant 6

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Background: Shows & History

1960 was the first year that Chrysler offered the 225 /6 (slant 6) engine. It had
originally been developed for the soon to be released compact 1960 Valiant in a
170 cu in version but at the request of the engineers developing the medium sized
Chrysler cars, it was stroked 1" and the 225 cu in displacement was the end result.
Since there was no time or money to rework the heads, the valves and ports are
actually sized for the 170 cu in displacement and therefore undersized for the
stroked version. For its size, the /6 offered a combination of low end torque and
fuel economy but once the rpm's rose, getting enough air (so one can burn extra
fuel) was always a challenge. Remedies have always included less restrictive
induction and exhaust paths (bigger valves, bigger carbs, dual exhaust, etc) but its
time to get more forceful. Big Red originally came with the /6 but but since it weighs in at just under 4000#'s, it needs more power to match its good looks. Its time to force the air into the combustion chambers using a supercharger and ensure the right air/fuel ratio using programmable electronic fuel injection and ignition.

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Current Setup

Original Holley 2300-2 barrel, Dutra dual exhaust

Canadian built Dodges have Plymouth interiors

Disks brakes, 15" wheels, 60 series profile

Plan: engine bay layout