Big Red gets more Air!
Final Result
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The target completion date was Aug 24, 2002. This was the date of my Mopar clubs
annual show at the Calgary Olympic Park, site of the '88 winter games and the theme for the show was the slant six.

1.0 No clues on the outside!
(click pic for full size pic)

1.1 Direct side view

1.2 Flying in the trees????

2.0 Were people curious? Take a look at where the people are.

2.1 Typical scene all day

2.2 Slant efi pioneer Brian Long and his slant powered Dodge
I don't have specific numbers but for a 4000# car, the performance is substantially improved and its available in the 1500 to 3000 rpm range. The fuel economy appears to be better and the responsiveness is there as soon as I touch the gas. So far, it really works in the daily driver application I had envisioned.

3.0 Not your typical /6 engine bay!

3.1 Not your typical /6 engine bay!

3.2 I've now got the right to wear "THE PLATE" !!

Here's a good view of the ignition and a peek at the high pressure fuel setup

3.4 Another slightly different perspective

3.5 Another slightly different

3.6 The bird's eye view

Here's the view of the induction system below the blower

3.8 Here's the business side!

3.9 Ready to drop in
4.1  4.2 
Projects like this don't get done without a whole lot of support. Here's just a few . . .

My good buddy Angelo who generously shared his shop and tools. (He's on left)

Angelo's a collector and here's his rare '59 E.

Finally, all the people who frequent and contribute their knowledge freely at: