Big Red is Looking for more Air!
Supercharger & Intercooling
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Ford liked the idea of using a supercharger to increase performance and began experimenting seriously in 1982. In 1989, they added the Eaton M90 roots style positive discplacement blower to the 3.8 L (232 cubic inches) V6 which they dropped in the Supercoupe and the Cougar XR7. Via an eBay purchase, I bought an entire system (filter box, MAF sensor, ducts, throttle body, blower, intercooler, etc) and this was my starting point.

Building sequence. I had to build a bracket to support the blower and engineer the drive system at the same time. I blocked the blower in what I thought was the best approximate location and began measuring, sketching and scratching my head. Once I had worked out approximate location, I had to detemine what I would use for a crank drive pulley, how I would fasten it and its exact position. After seaching for an TBird SC 8 groove pulley (which are rare, therefore expensive), I realized that I could do what GM did with their blowers and use a 6 groove pulley which are plentiful (read cheap)! I've settled on Ford's 7 1/2" dia. (p/n: E8DE-6312-AA) which I pulled off an 89 FWD Linclon with the 3.8 L.

1.0 Fitting blower inside engine compartment. Lots of measuring and sketching.
(click pic for details)

1.1 Driver side view.
Lower right: inlet tube/ manifold.
Middle: diaphram which opens circulating bypass

1.2 Passenger side view.
Throttlebody coming over top of valve cover.

1.3 Plan for Routing belts

1.4 Sketch blower mounting bracket & drive system. The frame straddles the front Dutra Dual.

1.5 blower mounting bolts

1.6 I've had Dutra duals since the summer of '93. They're still in top shape. Thanks a million Doug!

1.7 Fitting blower mounting bracket on mockup engine

1.8 Fitting blower under the hood was going to be tight. In the end, there was only one hood brace which needed to be dented in by about 1/2". Outside looks stock.

I was trying to squeeze everything in place without extensive sheet metal mods. Here's my journey.

2.0 I needed to move the alt/water belt to the inner sheave which normally drives the A/C. This required custom brackets.

2.1 Top is stock alt, lower is custom bracket.

2.2 This also required the repositioning of the water pump pulley. See diagram.

2.3 The power steering pump now would be run off the middle sheave. This pic shows the modified pump bracket (top) as well as a top view of the alt bracket.


How to get it to fit?? I sketched and tried and planned for a highly customized rad but so far, I've not needed it. I'm using a 2 core rad from a 77 Aspen wagon with no A/C.

1.0 Here's the stock TBird intercooler mounted in the rad opening.

1.1 Not a good pic but you can see the rad/intercooler.

1.2 In order to aid sealing & retension, I created a ridge on the end of the tubes using JB Weld.