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1.0 Would the blower even fit? After getting a blower from a 90 Supercoupe shipped up from Meyers Engine Rebuilding in Fort Wayne Indiana via eBay, I flipped open the hood, removed the existing Holley 2300 2 barrel carb and began positioning. The logical location was the open space on the driver side. It appeared as if it was going to fit right next to the space allocated for the EFI rail.
2.0 Beginning to see where airflows could be routed.
3.0 Lucky there's space in the engine bay!
4.0 Here I've positioned the air intake tube and MAF sensor device. In the end, I deceided to go with a speed density (MAP) EFI system rather than the more simple Mass Air Flow. Therefore, I will not need the this component. The air filter can now occupy this open space in front of the alternator. I've also decieded to move the washer fluid setup to a tank mounted on the drivers side to make way for fuel injection system in the passenger rear corner of the engine compartment. The intercooler mounting is still a question mark????

Note: I built the black box with the cylindrical white connector to allow me to use the idiot light with the alternator system.

5.0 Working on the positioning between the throttle body/blower and the modified manifold.
6.0 Begining to understand the required customization required for the manifold.
7.0 Compact yet not restrictive. Note that the T bird stock intake inlet will have to be straightened out.